CPR for the Souls

A sacred, safe community, exclusive to midlife female physicians to learn how to reconnect with their true selves.


You don’t have to suffer in silence—join our soul tribe to find peace, ease and joy.


A FREE virtual experiential event for midlife female physicians to help you feel FULFILLED and CALM .


Healing Circle

A community exclusively for midlife female physicians, offering a trauma-informed, holistic approach to healing.



Unwind, reset and heal with us at our in-person retreat, exclusively for midlife female physicians.


 Who are we and why CPR for the Souls?

Dr. Parastoo and Dr. Sogol came from different walks of life, yet share similar stories and backgrounds.


We are both native born Iranians and first generation immigrants.

We both come from a lineage of mysticism, Sufism, and the magical world of Persian poetry and music.

Our ancestry, our culture, and our life experiences played a key role in creating something beyond the conventional mindset coaching model.  

Dr. Parastoo's Story

I’m an immigrant physician coming from Iran, a sophisticated culture strongly influenced by patriarchy but also mysticism and spirituality. I grew up in an artsy family with my dad being a renowned musician and literature lover.

I realized I was an empath with a tender soul surrounded by a conflicted world deep rooted in patriarchy, violence, mysticism, Sufism, tender music, and magic poetry. I soon realized that in order to create a life where I can survive as a smart woman, I need to work hard and be independent.

Therefore, I decided to ditch my empath and emotional parts and embedded myself in the cruel world of hustle culture. As a foreign grad, I worked very hard towards my goal to become a gastroenterologist in the USA and getting into the Ivy league schools.

At the time, I thought the journey was only possible by numbing myself, dissociating myself from my emotions and pushing hard.

As a physician, I never burnt out, because I didn’t have the luxury of burning out. I had to work hard to survive, to become successful.

Two years after graduating from fellowship, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My diagnosis was a true wake up call. A call to answer the key question “Who am I?” A call to reconnect with my TRUE IDENTITY, the mystic parts.

I started my healing journey by becoming a coach, just to realize that the traditional mindset coaching and positive psychology did not address deep rooted traumas.

This was the beginning of my journey into the world of TRAUMA, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and SOUL.

Today, I believe, we truly heal by reprogramming our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, releasing the stored trauma from our BODY, and reconnecting with our TRUE IDENTITY.

Through my healing journey, I started building my self-trust muscle, providing safety for my nervous system, healing the wounds of my inner child, unshaming and healing my shadows.

As a result, I trust my intuition and use it as a compass, I feel safe in my body, stop listening to my inner critic and create peace, joy and calm. 

Dr. Sogol's Story

I was born in Tehran, Iran. I spent most of my childhood talking, playing outside, and wandering freely around in my neighborhood streets. I used to gather up random kids, direct and lead them in a friendly game of hopscotch, “stop havayee”, and dodgeball. I loved the attention, the freedom, and the spontaneity.

My life took a complete turn when I immigrated to the US at the age of 10.

I stopped talking because I didn't know how to speak the English language. I stopped playing because everyone was scared to play with the terrorist from Iran. I stopped hanging out in the streets because it wasn't safe.

So I forcefully and unwillingly abandoned my true identity and morphed into a socialized identity to survive in a foreign land.

Growing up as a brown immigrant girl in the Deep South, I mastered the skill of overworking and overachieving.

Fun, play, and freedom were no longer tolerated and frankly punished. I graduated top of my high school class, completed college in three years and pursued medicine at a prestigious academic center followed by my pediatric training at one of the top pediatric hospitals in the nation.

I collected and proudly displayed my awards and distinctions while simultaneously creating my own family.

But Being just a physician was not good enough so I embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship into private practice in pursuit of more “success”.

At the age of 40, I had reached the American Dream yet found myself feeling alone, empty, and miserable.

My healing journey was long, convoluted, and painful but it was worth every uncomfortable turn and dark moment. I validated my inner child, I accepted all my parts, I soothed and regulated my nervous system, and reconnected back to my unbound free spirited playful self.

Today, I am authentic, I use my own intuition as guidance and practice radical self love using my own magic to pursue a fulfilling life with ease and joy.